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In this webinar you will:

  • Learn 3 secrets of Actors and Millionaires  
  • Know your Vitality - Live check
  • Scorecard to monitor your Vitality - Free worksheet 
  • Introduction to the Dynamic Vitality Program 
    (if YOU care about YOUR families & YOUR Vitality)

Saturday, 02 July 2022

11:30 AM IST

Proven System  
Gain Vitality
7 weeks

Hi I'm Prem Alvares, your host for the webinar.
I'm on a mission to move 10,000 people into Vitality in the next 5 years

My journey started 10 years ago when the doctors told me that my health was critical and had to be on medication all my life. It was a shock and it was life shattering but I refused to believe that my fate was sealed.

I sought answers and with a lot off trial and error, developed a system that is completely natural and demanded minimal exercise. I'm not a doctor or healthcare specialist, I'm just like every other individual who worked long hours to achieve success.

This is a system that I still follow everyday and which I want to introduce to you, to a paid membership, that you can join after this webinar session. (This is only for serious people)

You don't need to go through all the experiments that I had to do or invest years or tons of money. In fact, you can achieve results in  6-7 weeks.

I have 9 Years of Experience and  influenced 100+ people. What started as passion to help people while working in the corporate IT industry, changed to a dedicated career, when I saved someone from a dangerous surgery that turned him around in 3 weeks.

Join my Free Webinar, where you will learn how to start on the journey to discover your REAL self.

[ Height 181cms ]          [  Weight 72 Kg ]         [ Age 53 ]

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